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In the world of spy software, there are apps that beat the rest in all aspects. While the spying apps industry is growing with new apps being introduced every day there are apps such as mSpy that have existed for years but still stand out. For those who have not heard about mSpy, it’s an industry-leading parental control and cell phone tracking application that has been downloaded and used by over 1.5 million people worldwide.

It’s a powerful application trusted by thousands of parents in over 180 countries to help them protect kids from harmful content and cyberbullying. The app has helped hundreds of thousands of employers to monitor and their mobile employees. The app has proven to be an efficient solution, helping parents keep their kids safe from online predators and bad influences.

What is mSpy? 

mSpy CellPhone Tracker

mSpy is a highly innovative spy app created by single-minded specialists with years of expertise creating space-age mobile monitoring products. It runs on tried-and-true techniques and the most advanced technologies to guarantee children’s online protection. The software keeps tabs on children’s smartphone activities, ensuring they don’t get unsolicited exposure.

The software comes alongside 24/7 customer care, which assures you that in case anything happens, you’re fully protected. mSpy facilitates the tracking and monitoring of both Android and iOS devices and its portal works on both mobile and computer browsers.

With mSpy, parents can effortlessly monitor the messages, apps, and calls children to make and receive. Most call and message recordings come with time and date stamps alongside the contacts of the people who made or received the calls and messages. This app will notify you in the event children are exposed to negative online influence or hazardous activities. mSpy also tells you the location of your kid.

How does mSpy Work?

MSPY actualizes monitoring and tracing online activities of the targeted kid or employee. The app gives parents the power to block kid’s access to videos, websites, images, and any other content they deem unfit for the kids. By monitoring a kid’s social networks, it enables parents to prevent the kids from getting involved in activities that could have a negative mental effect.

Have a quick look at the mSpy Control Panel View:

mSpy Control Panel View

As a highly reputed parental control software, mSpy installs in minutes and gives subscribers optimal control over the kids they are monitoring. Its friendly interface makes it easy and fun for subscribers to easily navigate it. As a multi-language app, it works with Android, Mac OS, and Windows PC from using from all parts of the world.

How much does mSpy Cost?

You get 3 plans to choose from and each has the same features, but the more months in advance you purchase the cheaper the software becomes. please refer to the table below for a complete price overview.

mSPY Pricing

When Can You Use MSPY?

MSPY has established itself in the mobile spy software industry and its use for spying computers and phones has grown from a few monthly subscriptions to millions of satisfied users globally. The app has been helpful to users with varying unique needs. It’s used by parents, employers, and spouses alike. Wondering how and when you can use mSpy, there are instances you will find this app a great deal.

  • When Your Kid Becomes So Attached to Their Phone 

Not every kid who owns a smartphone uses it for the wrong purposes. In fact, a large number of kids are using their smartphones purposely. However, some kids have been trapped by the beauty of the internet, forgetting the negative effects that come with extreme exposure to content beyond their age.

As a parent, it’s quite easy to tell when a kid is being messed by the stuff they access on their smartphones. It’s normal for a kid who is using their smartphone for the wrong purposes to always have it with them along with using extra-complex authentication prompts.

You don’t have to put your kid through the stress of forcing them to give out their smartphone whenever you think they are using it for the wrong purposes. MSPY will connect with your smartphone and make it easy to track the activities of your beloved kid. It gives you access to virtually every content a kid shares, making it possible for you to control their extremes.

  • When You Suspect Your Spouse is Cheating 

The cases of cheating husbands and wives are on the rise. The world records thousands of divorces every day, most of which result from insincerity and cheating in marriages. As spouses, it’s easy to tell a cheating wife or husband early enough.

MSPY uses world-class technology and has tens of useful features that efficiently track most activities conducted on the smartphone. The application extracts all the info, including messages, call logs, videos, and chats from your spouse’s smartphone and uploads them to your MSPY dashboard for easy access.

When you’ve subscribed to this app, you’ve 24/7 control over your spouse’s smartphone. The app sends you messages and chats history along with the contacts of those who shared those chats and messages.

  • When Mobile Employees Are Using Business Phones for the Wrong Purposes 

If you’ve mobile employees, you’ve likely had to top-up their call credit more often than normal. Some mobile employees use company phones to call friends or family. By so doing, the employees are channeling a company’s resources to the wrong channels, which could have a negative effect on the company’s profits.

MSPY gives employers access to their employees’ phones, ensuring they can track their activities. With this application, you can efficiently manage and track the call and chat activities of the target employees, which translates to more productivity and higher profits.

Unique Features of mSpy 

Unique Features of mSpy

MSpy is a deal-breaker for parents and employees that want to keep account of what their kids or workers do with their smartphones. This application has lots of security features to protect kids from cybercrimes or get employees more dedicated to their work. There are many other impressive features that make mSpy a great application, including:

  • Call tracking feature: mSpy streamlines the process of monitoring and tracking call records. Once the app is installed in the target smartphone, it will collect and record every call, providing accurate data on the call timestamp, calling number, and call duration. The information is then uploaded to the mSpy dashboard.
  • Call blocking feature: through the call log data shared to your mSpy dashboard, you can tell annoying callers who disturb your employees or harass your kids. The app provides an option where you can block those callers without the kid or employee noticing. The mSpy Block Call feature can be accessed on the mSpy dashboard through mobile and computer browsers.
  • Track Messengers and messages. MSpy includes a handy feature that lets you track messenger apps and messages send to targeted clients. The message spy feature gives you detailed message content information, time stamps, sender contacts, and date stamp, which are accessible through the mSpy dashboard. As for the messenger app tracking feature, it allows you to monitor and track what’s shared on iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Google Hangouts, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Tinder, and Snapchat. That gives you accurate data on the calls and chats going in and out of the target smartphone’s messenger apps.
  • GPS location tracking and Geo-fencing: Tracking someone’s location is one way to tell what they are doing. As well, by tracking a cellphone’s location, you can locate a lost phone. The mSpy tracking feature offers real-time information on a kid’s or employee’s exact location. It also provides details of their movement history, including address, coordinates, and time of movement.  As for the geofencing feature, it lets you set virtual zones, limiting an employee or kid to the safe zones.
  • Apps and Programs control feature: mSpy also includes an effective feature that lets you track the apps installed in the target smartphone and how they are used. With so many exploitive applications that could expose kids to adult or unsafe content. That’s not just all. There are many dating apps that comprise of people with different intentions, some of who prey on kids. You don’t want your kid to be part of such applications and that’s why you will need mSpy’s BlockApp button to restrict the use of those applications by kids.
  • Multimedia Files accessibility: This feature records and uploads videos and photos taken with the phone as well as any other downloaded multimedia files. The app presents the multimedia file content accurately along with the date and time stamps of each file. It’s one of the features you need to save kids from cyberbullying and sexting.
  • Internet Activity monitoring: This feature enables you to monitor the browsing history and any other content searched on the browsers of the target smartphone.

Devices Compatible With mSpy 

Want to start tracking a target phone but have no idea what’s required, here are the core system requirements for the app to function in any of the outlined devices:

  • Compatibility With Jailbroken iOS devices 

If the smartphone you want to spy runs on a Jailbroken iOS, be it an iPad or iPhone, it must meet these requirements for the app to work.

  • The iPad or iPhone smartphone should have 9 to 9.1 or 6 to 8.4 iOS.
  • It iOS-powered device must be connected to strong cellular internet or Wi-Fi for the installation and monitoring to be successful.
  • You must have access to the smartphone for the installation to take place
  • The smartphone should be jailbroken for the app to install successfully and work.
  • Compatibility With Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices

If you’re targeting a non-jailbroken iOS iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to make sure it meets the below requirements for mSpy to work:

  • The iOS-powered device should be linked to strong Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection.
  • The smartphone’s iCloud backup should be up and running. You can set it via the settings icon.
  • The two-factor authentication for Apple ID should be off.
  • You must have access to the iCloud credentials, including the password and Apple ID of the targeted iPad or iPhone.
  • Compatibility With Android Devices

MSpy for android is the most used and preferred feature since most of the monitored smartphones are android-powered. Want to monitor a target android smartphone but wish to ensure it meets the target requirements, here are the requirements to check out for:

  • Ensure the device in question is linked to strong cellular or Wi-Fi internet
  • Make sure the device in question is running on Android 4.0 or a newer version.
  • Make sure you have got the device with you for the installation of the mSpy app
  • The app works on both unrooted and rooted android devices, so that shouldn’t be a worry

How mSpy Application Compares To Other Apps 

MSpy has its unique features and impressive functions that stand out from the crowd. Yes, it’s the app you need to provide a shield of protection to your kid, preventing them from being bullied online, getting exploited by online predators, accessing inappropriate content, and getting addicted to gaming and phone usage. The app has left a solid footprint on the spy application industry and thousands of customers are happy using it to track and monitor their targets.

Since its inception over 10 years ago, mSpy has positively touched the hearts of thousands of employees and parents in over 100 countries. In regards to how it compares to other applications, including MobileSpy, MobiStealth, and FlexiSpy, we rank it top as the most efficient, friendly, and reliable application.

It’s as well cost-effective when compared to the three core applications. The team behind the application has been at the forefront, releasing newer and efficient features to make the application more reliable and effective.

However, if you’re the search for the most advanced spy app that offers state-of-the-art features such as call recording and call listening, you should go for the FlexiSpy app. FlexiSpy has built for itself a standing reputation thanks to its amazing features and abilities to let you do more than just monitor the calls and messages of your target.

Its pricing is quite on the higher side but the high price comes with more value. As a matter of fact, out of the four applications, we are comparing, FlexiSpy is the only application that would give you accurate records of calls already made as well as allow you to listen to live calls. MSpy is cheaper compared to FlexiSpy but it has fewer and less powerful features, so it’s not quite a match for FlexiSpy.

MobiStealth doesn’t fall short in the category of the best parental monitoring applications out there. It has built a name for itself, too with thousands of parents relying on it to control the phone activities of their children. The app is a bit more costly compared to FlexiSpy and mSpy and does not necessarily have the best of the features in the market.

Therefore, it may not be the best bet for anyone in search of a powerful and reliable spy application that goes an extra mile to deliver more than what the client wants or expects. You should get it if your only need is to use the app for tracking kids and employees.

MobileSpy is still one of the best phone tracking applications available today. It does not come anywhere close to the three apps we mentioned above as it doesn’t have some of the finest features and functions. It’s as well quite expensive when compared to the other apps we outlined.

Frequently Asked Questions About mSpy 

MSpy is a good spy app with a good reputation. However, just like every other application, it’s not 100% perfect and clients have had to question some of its functions:

  • I Want to Spy on My Wife, Can I Use MSPY?

As the name suggests, mSpy is an app for spying on people we think are doing the opposite of what we expect them to do. It’s largely marketed as a parental control application and has widely been used to spy on remote employees by world-leading employers. MSPY gives you access to activities on the target phone, meaning you can absolutely spy on your wife. However, you’ve to understand that you should not spy another person’s device and the team behind MSPY does not take responsibility for legal cases that may arise afterward.

  • Can I Access Messages Deleted from the target Cellphone?

MSPY uses the best technology to monitor and upload any messages and call logs recorded on the target smartphone. The app lets you view any message send in or out of the target cellphone. Therefore, as long as the messages are uploaded to the MSPY dashboard before the cellphone owner deletes them, you will be able to access them. However, keep in mind that you may not access the messages that were sent and received while the target phone was not connected to the internet.

  • Is MSPY legally owned and operated?

MSPY is a legal app by certification. Its operations are fully legal and certified. However, since it’s marketed as a parental control app, the only legal purpose you can use it without getting yourself into trouble is to monitor kids below 18 years of age. In short, if you’re the legal guardian or parent of the kid you’re monitoring and they are below 18 years of age, you can legally monitor them without having to inform them first, which is what MSPY does.

  • Is it legal to Use the App to monitor employees?

Yes. Provided the cellphone you’re monitoring belongs to you. In other words, if you want to monitor and track underperforming employees, you can easily do so. However, make sure you only install the application on the company-owned phone, not their phones.

  • Is the MSPY application safe?

MSPY entered the spy software monitoring industry originally in 2010.  In the last over 10 years, the application has been installed and used by hundreds of thousands of customers. The app has a rating of over 4.5 out of 10, meaning it’s a great app with a good reputation. So, when using the application, your safety and the safety of the loved one are guaranteed.

  • Can I use the application on another cellphone?

MSPY does not have a limit on the phone range you can use at varying times. Yes, while you can only monitor one cellphone at once, you have the option of changing the cellphone whenever you’ve gathered the information you wanted from the target smartphone. All it would take you is to first disconnect the existing cellphone from your MSPY account, uninstall the application from the target smartphone and then connect the new phone to the MSPY software.

  • Can I Install the application remotely?

MSPY application cannot be installed remotely. If you’ve to install it, you must have access to the target smartphone. You must as well have access to the smartphone’s content, otherwise, it would be impossible to install the application.

  • Who can use the MSPY application?

MSPY is an application made for parents and employers searching for the truth about their kid’s or employee’s activities on their smartphones. It’s the application made for everyone above 18 years of age who wants to monitor a phone they own but used by another person. In simple words, it’s the application made for employers and parents.

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The cellphone spy industry has come a long way with tens of applications dominating the industry. The many applications available have varying features and they are made for use with different types of cellphones. In today’s post, we have discussed MSPY a great spy application you would find interest to use.


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