About Spying.net

Today our worlds are restricted to our gadgets. We have everything in our hands. All we need to do is touch buttons. With technology developing at such great speed, there are several software and Apps that we use on a day-to-day basis. We download them based on the description given or some advertisement, and we use them till we are not satisfied with it or don’t require it anymore.

When kids get their hands on gadgets, they can go crazy. They get excited by the games, the technology, the communication tools, etc. They are being kids. However, for a parent, the stress and responsibility to ensure the child’s safety is much more.

How do you check on your child without being outright intrusive? How do you check if your teenager is safe online without asking them upfront (only to get a redundant “of course I am” answer)? How do you keep an eye on the tools and Apps they are using without being a “nosy parent”?

You use some spying software. There are many spy tools available on the internet today. Some come free, and some are very cheap. This makes it easy to use. However, are these tools really as good as they claim? Are they helping “ONLY YOU” to spy on your loved ones?

Who We Are

We at spying.net review spy software and tools to help you understand more about them. Today there are many spy tools and software that promise to do a lot of things. A user goes by the reviewer’s claims and downloads it without understanding much about it. Many times such downloads can cause more harm to your lives than good.

We take up the responsibility to check this software thoroughly, use it to understand how it works, and give you our review. We will enlighten you about this software’s pros and cons if there are any flaws or traps to watch out for. This will help you make an informed decision regarding the tools you decide to use to spy on your children or other loved ones.

Our Team

We are a team of professionals who know and understand software. We use our knowledge and experience to understand how various spy tools and Apps work and what they actually do to your gadget, how they collect data, what they do with the data, how they store it, etc. These are not details a layman can or will look into when downloading any software.

If there is a breach in your privacy due to this spying software and tools actually spying on you rather than on the person you intended them for, we will tell you that honestly. These details will help you find the right tool for your needs without you having to compromise on your privacy or safety.

How We Help You

Is your child using the internet a lot, and you have no idea what is going on? Despite activating parental controls, children can still be exposed to unwanted content or apps designed to sidestep such parental controls. Children learn fast and know how to circumvent such restrictions and access pages you don’t want them to.

When you install any software to spy on their activity, you can track them without their knowledge and keep a safe distance from the “breach of privacy” discussion too. At the end of the day, we all want to protect our children.

When you download an app to spy on your child, the App might be collecting unnecessary data, proving to be problematic for you in the future. We help you find out such loopholes in software and tools. We highlight security or privacy threats and other issues one needs to consider. We enable you to make a well-informed choice.

Similarly, when you install a tracking app on someone’s phone, it is synced to your phone as well. Technology is capable of fishing out information and recording data from your phone as well. We will highlight such flaws in Apps that are introduced into the market.

Why Us

Deciding to spy on or track someone close to you is a big decision. A small misstep can prove to be disastrous to your relationship. When so much is at stake, you need to be careful about what you choose and how you go about keeping a tab on your loved one.

It can be quite a daunting task to understand and decide on such a spying tool. This is where we step in and make things easier for you. We analyze the spy tools and software and give you honest feedback. We will tell you the various options available for you to choose from, how each of these options can serve your needs and how safe they are for you to use.

We at Spying.net will simply state the facts, highlight the good and the bad and leave you to make the final decision. When you have all the data required to decide without the pressure to lean one way or the other, you can decide based on what serves your purpose the best. When no one is trying to influence you, you make your own choice out of your own accord.

How We Can Add Value

These apps and tools have descriptions and terms and conditions that clearly explain what they do and how they work. However, not many take the time or understand the exact nuances of such terms. We simplify it for you by highlighting what we feel one ought to know and consider before choosing. This helps you make a wise choice, but you are also informed about what the App can do for you.

As we do not promote any particular tool or App on Spying.net, our reviews are impartial and neutral. If a technical update on an App has some negatives, we will highlight it without any hesitation. This can help you stay safe while you spy on your loved ones and also ensure their safety.

We not only tell you about the technical glitches or gaps but tell you about the costs too. No matter how much you want to spy on someone, money is still a factor to consider. With all the technical information, ratings by other users, and the costs put out in a simple, straightforward manner; we help you make a decision.

Check out our reviews and opinions about various spying software and tools to understand how much information we can actually give you.